The French Connection

Megan Ward

That first day that Megan Ward walked on the General Hosptial set was a tad tricky. "There was no screen test, which was a disadvantage for me because when I showed up for work the first time, I had never been on the stage of a daytime show," she says. Not only did she have 30 pages of dialogue - which she's never done in a single day - she also had a page-and-a-half of French! "I don't speak French; I speak Japanese, which is very different from French," Megan laughs. She was more nervous about the French than anything else, so she worked on it for two days with a coach. "I have three friends who are fluent in French, and I made them speak into a tape recorder. I said the lines in my sleep over and over again. I did it okay. All my French friends were very pleased with what I had done." Megan adds with a laugh, "I swear it was a hazing ritual. They threw me into the fire, which I'm grateful for."