Accent On... Megan Ward

Megan Ward

How would you describe your personal style?

I'm a pretty eclectic person. I enjoy dressing up, but it's not very practical when you have two little children who spill all of their meals on your lap, so I'm fairly casual. That being said, I do like fashion. As a teenager, I modeled in Japan and I got my love for clothes when I was 15 and going to sample sales. I don't think I can be pinned doen to one style. Some days, I feel conservative. Other days, I'm feeling funky. All I can say is it's good to be employed when you like clothes [laughs]."

You couldn't have picked a better character to play.

"I know. Kate is more conservative than Megan is. It takes a lot of work to dress like Kate."

Not to mention the chic haircut.

"People always ask me if I got it cut for the part, but the answer is no. When I had my second child, I could not deal with having lots of hair, so about two months before I got the role, I cut it off and as it turns out, it's very fashion forward, so it works for both."

Do you have any favourite labels?

"I do love real fashion, but it's so impractical. Marc Jacobs is an obvious name, but he's one of my favorites. He has this combination of retro and sleek, but it's still hip and progressive. I tend to like people I can't afford [laughs]."

Do you read the fashion magazines?

"I do. I'm in a constant battle with the fashion magazines because they tend to perpetuate these unrealistic images to girls and women, but at the same time, I really feel like clothes are art and a personal and a personal statement of your mood and who you want to be, so I respect it on that level. The real world has no idea how much airbrushing is going on in those pages. My favourite is Lucky magazine because I don't have the time to go shopping and I get pleasure from shopping in the magazine. I can see what's current, what's coming up, what the new designs are. And then I love W, because it's the extreme other end of the spectrum. It has the lines everyone else is stealing from or being inspired by."