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Megan Ward's Hairstory

Megan Ward

Contrary to a rumour going around, Megan Ward's ultra-chic hairdo wasn't a prerequisite to landing her role in General Hospital's fashion-forward Kate Howard.

"I don't know where that came from," muses Megan, noting that that she's had "every possible hairstyle over the years. It's something I like to do. I've been red. I've been blonde, I've been short. I've been long."

Megan opted for her current cropped do when she returned to the audition circuit following the birth of her daughter Audrey.

"I wanted something that didn't take me too much time to style," says the mom of two, who headed to her stylist Jaky Beasse. "I explained that I needed something practicle but versatile." Beasse delivered with Megan's stylish bob. "What's interesting is that this haircut actually goes from mom to high fashion very easily," says Megan, who got the General Hospital job the next month. "It was the perfect haircut for the part."

Megan's hairdresser agreed. "The next time I went to see him, I told him how I got the role of Kate and described it to him," recounts Megan. "He said, 'You got it because of you haircut.'" Megan loves it. "It's easy to maintain," says the actress. "I can wash and go. When they style it for the show, sometimes they curl it. Sometimes they blow it out. The great thing about this style is that you do nothing and it still looks put together. Then, when you add just a little bit of product, it can look really polished."

So polished, in fact, that it's been garnering lots of attention. "My hairdresser told me that people keep asking him about my haircut," says Megan, who is pleased to be almost as much of a trendsetter as her character.