Babes In Toyland

Megan Ward

As the classic song goes, "Christmas is for children," and General Hospital's Megan Ward (Kate Howard) isn't one to debate it. Luckily for her, both her adorable tots - Oliver, 6, and Audrey, 18 months - made Sants's "nice" list.

"Oliver is on his best behavior because he knows if you're extra nice, then you get your presents." Megan adds with a laugh, "I'm not sure what I'm teaching my child, but it's a good parenting tool at this point."

Last year, Oliver started a new tradition that puts a giant smile on his mom's face. "He's a cataloger, studies it, picks out what he likes, cuts out the pictures and glues them to a paper to send to Santa. I just love the pure joy in him. It's so innocent and sweet." He's also the best big brother that little Audrey could ask for... and she already knows it!

"Last year was Audrey's first year to see Santa," Megan recalls. "Taking them together to see Santa is one of my most cherished memories, Oliver was an old pro at it. He knew exactly what to do, that he only had a few seconds with Santa for the photo op. Audrey was a little cautious, a little unsure. We put her on Sanata's lap and she wasn't crying, but she kept reaching for her brother. I din't even see it until we saw the pictures. She was reaching out to him, and he was holding her hand. That's the definition of their relationship. They really love each other."

Stocking Stumpers

What should your character get for Christmas?

"Her ankle bracelet removed so she can leave the city."

What do you want for Christmas?

"A full night's sleep? That would be really good. I don't think Santa can make that wish come true. [laughs] Actually, there is something I want. I want a new camera because I'm the only one in the house who takes pictures. I have a thing about cameras. I keep getting new ones. My husband is already working on it."

What should your character's New Year's resolution be?

"To know before she enters."