Mama's Family

Megan Ward

"No matter how hard I deny it, I still want to be my mother," jokes General Hospital's Megan Ward (Kate Howard). "When it came to birthdays, she used to make everything, party favors and all. Now, I can't do everything, but I'll put on a theme party, and I'll make a cake."

And that's putting it mildly! "I don't make a cake all year long, but at birthday time, I make gigantic theme cakes, like volcanoes spewing with dry ice!"

Although Daughter Audrey, 2, is still too young to appreciate her mom's efforts, Megan's son, Oliver, 7, really has grown into a nice little man and the big best brother Audrey could ask for. "It's more than I could have imagined," Megan says of her children's relationship. "When we told him that we were expecting a sibling, I was a little nervous because he had really been the precious only child who had all of our attention.

"I had his hand on my belly because I was starting to show," she continues. "It was time to tell him. I said, 'You know what's in there?' He just looked at me and was kind of confused. I think he had an idea but didn't feel confident about expressing it. I said, 'We're going to have a baby, and you're going to have a brother or sister.' He said, 'You mean I'll have someone to play with?' I completely burst into tears. The sheer joy that he wanted a sibling... and the complete guilt that I took so long to give him one!"