Megan Ward: Fixer Parent

I always felt the responsibility for everything to work out. Even before I had kids, I always felt the responsibility for everything to work out—even if that meant doing it myself. After seven years of being a parent, I am very proud to say that I have learned to suppress the urge to complete or fix everything for my kids. That can be tricky when my son can't seem to get his shirt on right-side out and we are late for school. But I have found that through their trial and error, children will learn for themselves how to "fix" their own problems.

This has been one of the more profound lessons I have learned as a parent: how to let my kids experience and discover for themselves what works best and not to have unrealistic expectations of them. I try to be patient and not to worry about what other people are thinking about them. It doesn't come easy and sometimes I fail and find myself putting on their shoes for them. But honestly, there is nothing better than seeing the satisfaction on my children's faces when they get that zipper up!

Megan Ward's Tip for a Quick Dinner

When I need a quick and easy dinner for the kids, I boil up some udon noodles, ladle on some broth and top it off with a fishcake. It sounds unconventional, but it's as practical as mac and cheese. Try it and watch it disappear!

Megan Ward on Organizing Toys

Being married to a toy executive, we have way too many playthings. The only way I've kept my sanity is to have a grid system of storage bins. I can organize toys by type and get them put away quickly. It's also easy for the kids to help clean up and find what they need. I also only allow one bin out at a time to minimize chaos.

Megan Ward on Removing Stains

When my kids or I get a stain on something, I always reach for the stain remover that comes in the Dryel dry-cleaning kits. It's made for "dry clean only" clothes, but it works on everything else, too!

Besides being a mom, Megan Ward is best known for her role as Kate Howard on General Hospital. She has also been seen in numerous science-fiction and horror movies.