Ward's Reward

Megan Ward

Instead of collecting a collegiate pigskin, Megan Ward dropped out after a year and went Hollywood. Now, six years later, she's a student at Havenhurst College - part of the Class of '96, the Fox series that focuses on seven freshmen experiencing their first taste of freedom. Filmed at the University of Toronto, this new MTV-generation show affords Ward another glimpse of the road she walked down only briefly. "I feel like I'm in school, because I'm far away from my family and we're on campus," observes the 23-year-old native of Honolulu. "Luckily, I don't have to study for exams; I just have to worry about learning my lines."

Like her Class of '96 character, Patty Horvath, an enthusiastic drama major inspired by her actress mother, Ward was raised in the theatre world. Her parents run an acting school and repertory company in Hawaii, in which, at the age of 12, she found her calling while playing Pease blossom in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Further training came via films like Crash and Burn and Trancers II, but it was with last summer's Encino Man that Ward graduated to the majors. And just before orientation week at Havenhurst, she completed the spring release Hideous Mutant Freakz, in which she portrays a mutated Siamese twin in an bizarre comedy that promises to be a cross between the movies Airplane!, The Munsters, and Eraserhead. There's no doubt about it, even Patty Horvath would be envious of such a budding career.