Megan Ward Juggles General Hospital And Motherhood

Megan Ward

General Hospital actress Megan Ward, 38, is trying her best to juggle work and motherhood to son Oliver, 6, and daughter Audrey, 1, and it is paying off.

I have to say that I'm a lucky girl. This is probably the best job in the world for me right now. The GH set is only 20 minutes away from my home. So I can send Oliver off to school and hand the baby over to the nanny, then I can go to work in the morning. I'm usually done by lunchtime, so I can go to the post office, go to the bank, and pick up Oliver from school and have the afternoon with him and Audrey. It's wonderful.

The actress also admits that the way she chooses to live her life may have had an impact on her acting career, but she doesn't mind.

I've made choices to have children and be committed to my marriage, which may have gotten in the way of some of my career ambitions. But for me, life is all about balance. It's choices for good or bad.

Megan has been married since 1995 to Michael Shore.